To those that do and even those that don’t watch Dancing With the Stars, we have all still been waiting on one thing. The YouTube of Alfonso Ribeiro, Carlton from Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, busting out the Carlton dance.

Good news America. It has happened. The man still has it, and it will have you flashing back to your days of marathoning episodes of The Fresh Prince. Alfonso waited until week four’s theme of the ‘Most Memorable Year’.

Him and his professional partner, Whitney Carson, started off their jazz dance in a replica of the Fresh Prince living room. They waited until late in their routine to pull out the ace – the Carlton.

It’s crazy. Alfonso Ribeiro is older, but his Carlton is as on point as ever. Whitney gets an A for effort, but no one can outdo Carlton’s Carlton.

As for scores? The move brought down the house, and they earned four perfect scores from the judges.

The man can dance. Give him the disco ball trophy now, or whatever Dancing With the Stars uses now. It’s game, set, match when Carlton is on his A-game. Prepare to have this video sent to you from just about everyone you know today.


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