Love green lasers? Have a smartphone? eora 3D wants you to embrace that love and turn your iPhone in a high-precision 3D scanner. It turns objects lying about into highly detailed 3D models right on your phone.

Before eora, an accurate 3D scanner would set you back in the neighborhood of $15,000. Hey, I love green lasers as much as the next person, but $15,000? Not exactly a low barrier to entry.

How accurate are we talking? Sub-100 microns. Resolution? Up to 8 million vertices. Feature size is in the neighborhood of +- 250 microns.

Pair the unit with your iOS or Android smartphone and you get amazing looking renders in full color on-screen. You’ll need a decently new phone. The eora 3D supports the iPhone 5 and up and the 5th generation iPod Touch.

eora color options

Android users can choose from the Samsung S5, HTC One, Google Nexus 6 and Sony Xperia Z4. Those phones are the floor, anything newer will work fine with the scanning unit.

The eora 3D connects with your phone via Bluetooth 4.0, and the app is available in both the Google Play and App Store.

[divider]eora 3D Details[/divider]

When it comes to science and technology, it’s all about the details. You already know the precision, what about the range? You need to be within a meter of the object, and the capture size is a square meter. What’s that in American? Around 3 feet of distance and a 9 square foot area.

If you don’t have a turntable, you can take multiple scans and stitch the model together in the app. But, eora didn’t want you to be without a turntable. The company is making a small Bluetooth turntable to make scanning smaller objects easier.

eora turntable

Yeah, they put an R2D2 on it. Know your market kids…

For those using the connected turntable, you will have a scan volume of 125mm wide by 200mm high.

How about the laser? Instead of going the traditional consumer route and choose red, eora opted for green. Why? Digital camera CMOS sensors are twice as sensitive to green compared to red. The company is using your phone’s camera, so it makes sense.

Opting for the green laser traditionally adds cost. Luckily, your smartphone is doing all the work, so the eora 3D could splurge. It also allows you to scan objects in different lighting conditions, including outdoors.

eora and 3D Printing

All that 3D scanning, what are you supposed to do with the models? eora has you covered by syncing with 3D Hubs. Upload your models to show off, or order a 3D print using their network of printers.

Another possibility? Open up your spot on 3D Hubs and offer a scanning service.

eora 3D also syncs with Shapeways and Sketchfabs. Shapeways is another 3D Printing as a Service while Sketchfab offers you the ability to create your 3D portfolio.

[divider]eora Kickstarter[/divider]

How much and when? There are units of just the eora 3D scanner for $229. Want a Bluetooth turntable combo? The early adopter price is $289.

The ship date is set for June 2016. It’s a wait, but we all need time to dig through boxes for those collectibles.

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