Notice your TV guide this evening? It’s the third and final Presidential Debate moderated by Chris Wallace. Now, you can submit yourself to the mockery of our electoral process and watch Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton hurl insults. Or, we can enjoy a variety of entertainment options at our disposal.

Don’t worry; you won’t miss anything that won’t immediately clog your Facebook or Twitter timelines. Donald Trump will repeat the same lines over and over. Hillary will get bogged down in email questions and the recent document release from the FBI. Clinton is inviting Mark Cuban, and Trump has Obama’s half brother attending. Good to know everyone takes this shit seriously.

The candidates don’t, so why should we? There are plenty of options from movies to spending time with the family.


The summer box office has come and gone. It’s Wednesday so the theaters will be pretty desolate. You can watch Ben Affleck as the accountant all CPAs wish they were. Part bean counter. Part Jason Bourne. Critics weren’t impressed, but audiences gave it an A on Cinemascore.

Other options include Kevin Hart: What Now?, The Girl on the Train and The Magnificent Seven. Need a dramatic retelling of an event? Tom Hanks as Sully or Mark Wahlberg in Deepwater Horizon. Yeah, I’d stick with Ben Affleck doing my taxes and beating the hell out of people.

Cable TV

Alex is already begging me to watch Westworld, so if you have HBO or HBO Go, it’s a solid option. He’s saying better than Game of Thrones quality. Not sure if he means Sand Snakes Game of Thrones or The Battle of the Bastards Game of Thrones. Same show, but talk about a roller coaster in quality.

I’ll assume he means the former, but Nolan’s sci-fi thriller is earning high praise. And who can hate on Ed Harris? Or Anthony Hopkins?


Are you woefully behind on shows like me you DVR? The debate is the perfect time to play catch up. Every network carries the circus live so you can have at it. Nearly every fall show has premiered, so if you don’t have it on DVR, you can certainly on demand it. Don’t go for MacGyver. Trust me. You’d rather watch the debate than CBS wrecking nostalgia.

Plenty of returning dramas and enough Chicago shows to make me concerned NBC is going to CSI the formula and start adding locales.


Our old standby. There happens to be a fantastic movie on the streaming service – The Siege of Jadotville. Watched it on a whim and loved it. If you need your Cold War intrigue, it’s your movie.

Those that haven’t watched Luke Cage enjoy the first half. The back half falls into the Marvel trap of getting bogged down with side plots and an atrocious villain. Seriously, why couldn’t we stick with Cottonmouth and Shades? Diamondback comes off as a parody.

Unfortunately, we still have two days until Black Mirror makes its big Netflix debut on October 21st. Charlie Booker has made us wait two years for the series to return in its longest yet. Shame it wasn’t set to premiere tonight.

Presidential debate hillary clinton v donald trump

Presidential Debate

Damn it; you were reading a live blog and Donald Trump actually said something about policy. If you’re wondering what to expect from the presidential debate tonight, the Donald has to come out swinging. When Texas is within the margin of error, the GOP nominee will want to at least rev up the base to maintain control of the House. Though, that implies Donald will be rational.

With Chris Wallace moderating, expect tougher questions coming at Hillary. The Donald is their monster that got loose, so questions on the Supreme Court, how many email accounts have been hacked and the accusations of a quid pro quo between the FBI and State Department as attempts to get her riled.

All she needs to do is survive. Trump has to hit a grand slam, a game-winning three and win an Olympic gold to change the narrative. I’d say impossible but you look at the past 18 months, and it’s not out of the realm of possibility. He’d had to have concise answers and rebuttals to every question and Hillary taunt. A policy wonk with self-control.

Yeah, that’s not happening. Maybe for a few rounds of questioning, but Donald tossed his shackles last week. It’ll be a circus.

Stick to the other entertainment options. Or head outside and enjoy the fall weather. Hell, you could spend time with your family. Everyone around the living room staring at their phones. 21st century family time…

Luckily, our national circus is almost over. A couple of weeks until Ohio and Florida decide who our next president is. Don’t you love democracy and 24-hour cable news?

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