Cersei is in desperate need of allies. She’s surrounded by enemies on all fronts. But she also needs an ally she can trust. At least, a little. It’s why she met with Euron Greyjoy but declined his alliance proposal. Trust is the main issue.

“You need proof of my honest intentions,” says Euron to Cersei. “In my experience, the surest way to a woman’s heart is with a gift. A priceless gift.”

The only thing Cersei wants more than the Iron Throne is the heads of all those who stand against her. In my review, I pointed to Tyrion. It’s the obvious choice and the person Cersei hates the most. But I doubt the showrunners go that route. Let’s take a look who might become the “priceless gift.”


Tyrion GoT

Like I said, it’s the obvious choice. Cersei believes Tyrion is responsible for Joffrey’s death. And we all know he killed Tywin.

But there’s one big problem. Tyrion isn’t leaving Daenerys’ side. That’s three dragons, an army of Unsullied, and a fleet of ships from Yara and Theon Greyjoy standing between Euron and Tyrion. Plus, Tyrion is a fan favorite character No way the folks behind Game of Thrones kill him off in the second episode.

A priceless gift, sure. But also an impossible one right now.

Olenna Tyrell

Olenna GoT

The last time we saw Olenna was last season when she met up with Ellaria Sand and Varys. Ellaria offered “your heart’s desire.” Cue Varys showing up offering “fire and blood.”


Olenna definitely wants Cersei’s head on a platter, but can we say the same for Cersei?

Sure, the Lannisters declared war on House Tyrell when Cersei destroyed the Great Sept. Taking out the Tyrells would certainly help Cersei. But I don’t think Olenna reaches the “priceless gift” level.

Euron needs to take out one of Cersei’s enemies. But for Cersei, a priceless gift is someone that’s up there with Tyrion. Someone who personally hurt her family. Not just played the Game of Thrones.

Ellaria Sand

Ellaria Sand GoT

Now, this is where it gets interesting. We also saw Ellaria at the end of last season scheming with Olenna and Varys. This is my favorite target for Euron’s “gift.” Taking out Ellaria does a couple of things.

Ellaria is probably second only to Tyrion for people Cersei wants dead. Remember, Ellaria killed Cersei’s daughter (Myrcella) with poison in season 5.

And it helps get rid of one of the show’s most boring parts. Seriously, it was a chore getting through Dorne scenes.

Delivering Ellaria to Cersei could blind Cersei from any other reservations she might have for Euron.

Euron could also go after the Sand Snakes, but Ellaria would provide the biggest punch for the show.

Jon Snow

Jon Snow GoT

Sure, the North is no friend of King’s Landing – but that was of the Lannister’s making. Cersei doesn’t hold any personal grudges against Jon Snow. Yes, she wants him to bend the knee but she’s just playing politics. Winter is here. The Lannisters aren’t coming for Winterfell. And with what’s beyond the wall, those living in the North only have one way to move. South.

And out of all the characters, Jon Snow’s plot armor is thickest of all. Hell, he already died once. Nothing is happening to him this season.

Something else?

Book spoilers ahead:

There is a ton of speculation about a certain object mentioned in the books. So far, the show hasn’t dived into it. In ‘A Feast for Crows,’ Euron claims to have in his possession the Dragonbinder. A magic horn that allows him to control dragons.

“That horn you heard I found amongst the smoking ruins that were Valyria, where no man has dared to walk but me,” Euron says in A Feast for Crows. “You heard its call, and felt its power. It is a dragon horn, bound with bands of red gold and Valyrian steel graven with enchantments. The dragonlords of old sounded such horns, before the Doom devoured them. With this horn, ironmen, I can bind dragons to my will.”

Like I said, the show hasn’t mentioned anything like this before. My money’s on the “gift” being a person.

What do you think Euron will offer Cersei this season? A person? An object?

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