Here’s a tip of the hat to Dave Dugdale for chronicling the evolution of Sony’s Autofocus. While developing a new course, Dave noticed the a7r III was ‘tenacious’ in keeping up with faces. He decided to pull out the original Sony a7s and run a comparison.

Ok, that’s basically how I act period. Dave, we haven’t met, and you nail my endless supply of nervous energy. I’m a fidgeter. It is impressive how far Sony has come in four years. The a7s in the video loses face detection AF in a hurry when the subject starts to fidget.

Dave’s examples include fidgeting with sunglasses, moving a hand around a mouth or nose, and turning in a seat to have a profile shot. Also, discovering your chair spins during an interview and you have a what the hell moment and start pulling 360s.

The a7r III holds face detection AF a lot longer and even spinning in a chair; the newer Sony model sticks with the AF area. Contrast that with the a7s which shifts to a center focus point. Dugdale’s video also shows off the faster processor inside the a7r III keeping locked on moving subjects better than the older a7s.

None of what Dave shows off is unexpected. His video is meant to show off how far Sony has come with its face detection autofocus in four years. It’s also a reminder it’s an excellent time to be a photographer – professional or hobbyist. Choices are endless, and the manufacturers are pushing innovations faster.

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