The folks behind Motorstorm and DriveClub (Evolution Studios) are joining forces with Codemasters. Sony keeps the Motorstorm and DriveClub IPs, but Codemasters gain experienced developers in the racing genre. Evolution Studios joins Codemasters under one roof.

“This expansion will not only see us gain a wealth of racing expertise and skill, but it’ll take Codemasters to the next level as the world’s largest racing-focused games company. With phenomenal racing DNA on both sides, we hope that gamers out there are excited to see what we do next,” reads a Codemasters blog post.

Codemasters CEO Frank Sagnier pointed to the recent success of F1 2015 and DiRT Rally as key reasons for their decision to acquire Evolution Studios. Sagnier told GameIndustry.biz, there was “no financial element” in the deal. Meaning, Codemasters didn’t pay Evolution Studios to join them.

It’s a win for both sides. Evolution Studios needed a new home, and Codemasters is providing it. And without much risk.

DiRT Rally

As part of the acquisition, Mick Hocking joins Codemasters as VP of Product Development.

“I’m delighted to be joining Codemasters at such an exciting time in the company’s growth. We have a shared passion for racing, a desire to innovate and a determination to create the best racing games and build the biggest racing community in the market,” said Hocking.

It’s a perfect fit. Codemasters leans more simulation with their racers, while Evolution Studios brings a more arcadey focus.

I can’t help but think of how Turn 10 approaches the Forza franchise now. Keep the simulation focus with Forza Motorsport, but offer a more arcadey racer with Forza Horizon. We’ll see if Codemasters takes a similar approach with some of their racing franchises.

As for DriveClub and Motorstorm? Those IPs rest with Sony. Will the former Evolution Studios get another crack at them? Who knows. I’m just glad they joined another studio that shares their vision for racing games.

Check out GameIndustry.biz’s interview for more about the inner workings of the deal and what it means for Evolution Studios and Codemasters moving forward.

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