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House of the Dragon had its final time jump in last night’s eighth episode introducing the adult actors for the kids who will be pivotal centerpieces in the war known as the Dance of the Dragons. While we will love to hate him, we can all agree that Ewan Mitchell’s turn as Aemond One Eye will be the Green’s answer to the Black’s Daemon Targaryen. If you do not want to be spoiled, under no circumstance should you read a wiki article on his character. 

Eagle-eye fans of a particular Netflix series may have recognized Aemond from a show that just wrapped its run on the streaming service. He played Osferth or Baby Monk on The Last Kingdom. If you haven’t seen the show, it’s a must-watch based on the Bernard Cromwell books, The Saxon Stories. He appeared in every season, becoming a regular in season 2.  

Here are some of his moments from the series:

Yes, The role of Aemon One Eye couldn’t be a more polar opposite of Osferth on The Last Kingdom. I love seeing it, and watching him on screen last night shows he fits quite well into villainous roles. 

The battle between Daemon and Aemond will be epic when we see it on screen. There’s no word on exactly how many seasons there will be of the House of the Dragon, but it should occur in the latter half of the show’s run. It will be a wait, but trust me, it will be worth it. 

For those who want more Wean Mitchell in a sort of Game of Thrones-esque show but without dragons, The Last Kingdom is worth a watch. The show is being wrapped up with a movie; Seven Kings Must Die, set to premiere sometime in 2023.

We have two episodes left of House of the Dragon before a long wait for season two, set to hit HBO in 2024. The Network wasn’t quite ready for the record-breaking ratings the show would bring after the debacle of season eight of Game of Thrones.

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