It is up to the photographer to frame the shot, but having great glass definitely helps. Smartphones have seen a boon in attachment lens market. Some great. Others? Well, they screw on. That has to count for something, right?

That changes with ExoLens. The company has incorporated Zeiss glass for its latest wide-angle lens for the iPhone 6/6s and Plus models. What makes the inclusion of Zeiss glass significant? The company is one of the gold standards of optical glass.

Shot on an iPhone with ExoLens

How confident is the company in the latest product? You’re only finding it at Apple. That’s one hell of a hat tip in the direction of ExoLens.

The difference in the lens and other smartphone lenses is the use of an aspherical system. Typically, you find that on DSLRs. Exo sat down and engineered the hell out of it to work on an iPhone.

exolense wide angle iphone mount

ExoLens didn’t stop there. Each bracket is machined from aluminum and includes the features that are a must for any photographer. A cold shoe mount and the standard ¼ inch tripod mount.

mounting bracket for exolens wide angle lens

It comes at a cost. The Zeiss wide-angle lens retails for $200. It’s steep, but the inclusion of Zeiss glass makes the cost understandable. Next up for the company is a 2x telephoto and a macro lens that list as ‘coming soon.’

Translation? When the iPhone 7 camera specs get confirmed. If the mounts can stay static, the release will come sooner rather than later. If Apple pulls a surprise and gives the camera a serious upgrade, it’s not out of the realm for ExoLens to thoroughly test its product line before anchoring itself to a firm release.

You can read more about the technology behind the wide angle lens or head over to Apple to grab one.

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