The Oatmeal is enjoying one hell of a year. Last year, at nearly this point, the crew behind Exploding Kittens was enjoying the most funded Kickstarter campaign ever. The card game was shipped to backers over the summer.

Created by Matthew Inman, better known as The Oatmeal, the physical card game was a collaboration between him and game designers Elan Lee and Shane Small.

Exploding Kittens

Out of the loop on all things Exploding Kittens? It’s best described as “a highly strategic kitty-powered version of Russian Roulette.” Don’t think about it too much. It makes more sense if you accept that.

Cats. Internet. Profit.

Here’s the promo for the card deck game:

If you’re not the card game type, the team tapped design studio Substantial to handle the mobile development. It is more streamlined than the physical card deck, and fans of Inman will enjoy new artwork incorporated into the iOS game.

Multiplayer is a work in progress. Up to five people can play across phones, but online play isn’t available, yet. Substantial is quick to point out the game is still a ‘kitten’ and not a full-grown ‘cat.’ Well played fellas.

Exploding Kittens lights up Apple's App Store

Android user? Put down the pitchforks and douse the torches. It is on its way, but the release date is murky. Judging by the chart-topping success on iOS, I’d venture a safe guess of ‘damn soon.’

Pricing for the game is set at $1.99 and for the moment, in-app purchases are free. If you want to jump on the craze everyone in your office is playing, grab it now.

Fire up your iPhone and jump into the App Store to download it.

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