Ok, there’s oversaturation marketing for movies, and then there’s the new Independence Day Resurgence trailer. It clocks in at 4:34 minutes long. Not sure I wanted to see the entire movie in trailer form, but it still looks awesome.

Awesome in the sense you know it’s pure popcorn. No one is thinking Academy Award, and it further proves then you give Roland Emmerich a budget, the man will destroy Earth.

Damn it 20th Century Fox. You’re not supposed to make an extended version with complete scenes. Just show Baby Thor flying around, Jeff Goldblum being Jeff Goldblum and Data from the old Star Trek.

Not the entirety of Bill Pullman getting choked out by an alien, or Goldblum’s character walking into the crashed ship to find the distress beacon. One would think if they knew about a distress beacon, the world’s population would not be so complacent.

Independence day resurgence trailer

Hey, 20 years ago we nearly all died. Let’s do more than a moon outpost. Why did all the planes get upgraded, but the standard HMMWV is still around? Give it a laser cannon.

Sure, we just watched the entire plot of the movie. But, it’s not like we didn’t know what was coming. It’s a sequel. The aliens are back, and Roland Emmerich is at the helm. Dropping Dubai on London? Only so many tsunamis he can do before it turns into tossing cities onto each other.

ID4 resurgence

Will I be there day one? Hell yes. Bill Pullman better have his speechwriter ready. He’ll need to Make Earth Great Again.

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