Facebook Cozies Up to Small Businesses With Call Now Feature
Facebook Cozies Up to Small Businesses With Call Now Feature

Facebook is in a constant state of juggling its need for revenue, the small business fan page reach and user experience. Yes, reach has gone down. Content may be king, but the castle is way past capacity.

Under harsh criticism, Facebook is pushing small businesses use its ad platform to reach their fans and also collect new ones. It’s a tough pill to swallow if you’re the typical corner store.

Enter the ‘Call Now’ feature for Facebook newsfeed ads. It allows the user to call directly from the ad, and the ad units instantly become more location aware.

facebook call now

A small business can leverage Facebook more effectively. Keep updating your page, but aim to convert them to email lists you control. Then transition into building your budget towards leveraging the ads for new customers.

We can use the local pizza shop as an example. Say you’re location is Gadsden, AL (me), and you have your business page. Great, now you can drill down campaigns to increase orders.

Grab first-time customers and convert them to your list and fans on Facebook. Don’t let them languish on Facebook. Yeah, social media is the new age of advertising, but everyone still checks their email.

The Call Now Facebook Details

If you’ve used the variety of call to actions, you should be in good shape. Think of it as the ‘Get Directions’ call to action. Set your budget, and the AdCenter will show your reach and engagement.

In this case, it will be the number of people who called. Business owners in trials reported sizable upticks in first-time customers.

Research from BrightLocal shows calls are still a vital metric to businesses. Calls outrank traffic to your website and your search engine rank. For a digital age, we still want to talk to someone.

The ads are available in the United States and other countries now. You can swap the call to actions for ‘Call Now’ and get to testing. Convert people to platforms you own, and keep using Facebook to expand your reach. The company uses you. Return the favor.

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