We’ve all seen it. The titles “You’ll Never Believe Such and Such.” Well, here’s something you can believe. Facebook is just as tired of the titles as you are. The company released a blog post today talking about decreasing the reach of sites that consistently spam newsfeeds with spammy, clickbait titles.

Facebook ran a study, this time with user permission, on what they wanted most out of newsfeeds. Over eighty percent said that a headline that explained the content they were about to read was a top priority. I guess you will never see what happens next now.

The company will start to decrease the reach of these titles, which have stormed to the top of newsfeeds thanks to the sheer volume of clicks. This has the effect of driving down content from a user’s friends or from pages with content worth reading. You seriously don’t need to see that same image post that has been regurgitated across the web.

One way Facebook is going to tackle the issue is clicks vs comments and likes. If the post has an abnormal ratio of clicks but no likes or comments, the post could get de-prioritized.

As for marketers? Expect them to start getting creative. Post farming out image posts instead of unique content may be coming to an end. Then again, will we ever get past our need of cat gifs or supposedly uplifting YouTube videos? If it can be gamed, Internet marketers will find a way.

Watch for the traffic patterns of the best known viral sites over the next few months. If some fall, where others don’t, you can reverse engineer titles to get around this new guideline.

You can find Facebook’s full post on the move here.


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