I know, the fact that your friend just went to the gym is breaking news in some circles. Or, maybe they are finally discovering Spotify. Those posts that were automatically shared via Facebook will now get lower priority. One, because none of us actually care and two, Facebook considers the auto-posts spam.

On the Facebook developer blog, Peter Yang talks about the changes and what they will mean for your News Feed. “In general, we’ve found that people engage more with stories that are shared explicitly rather than implicitly, and often feel surprised or confused by stories that are shared implicitly or automatically. Over the past year, the number of implicitly shared stories in News Feed has naturally declined. The decline is correlated with how often people mark app posts as spam, which dropped by 75% over the same period.”

Of course, while the user experience is increased, app developers draw the short straw. Developers have been using Facebook login credentials to share information with the person’s friends, thereby promoting their product. Facebook was happy to have that before, but is now clamping down on its ecosystem.

With the lower priority, News Feeds will become more useful, but app developers will have to look for other ways to get their app out in the wild. Here’s a hint on where Facebook wants you to go. Start paying for advertising. They know they need to grow revenue as a public company, so expect a myriad of changes to help foster the bottom line. The company answers to Wall Street now.

The days of sharing everything on Facebook look to be coming to an end. Some will hail the decision, as they didn’t care what song their friend was listening to. Businesses will have to look for a better way to market apps and fan pages. The days of the Facebook free ride are rapidly closing.


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