Remember that one post on Facebook? You know, the one with ‘insert random description here.’ Good news, you won’t have to worry about your shocking lack of short term memory any longer. Facebook is finally rolling out search for everyone. Great feature when you’re trying to remember the name of the spouse of a certain coworker.

Or, it can point you in the right direction of the article that initially started your latest bout of fake outrage. See, it’s handy all around. For now, the feature is being rolled out in the United States – both on the web and mobile. Apple gets the first crack on the iOS mobile app.

Facebook initially wanted to expand search to public posts of people/pages that were not on a person’s friend list. Then it realized what a giant pain in the ass our social media life was, and expanded it to pages we like and our friends.

Privacy Concerns?

It wouldn’t be a Facebook announcement without a few tinfoil hats to pass around. My god, my posts can be searched? Damn the black helicopters. Facebook should seriously troll the community and buy a private military company. Just for kicks.

Yes, if you have marked your post as public, it can be searched. I’m sorry if that involves your kinda racist Halloween costume, but you should have thought before posting.

This is also a great revenue model for Facebook, and represents their third pillar of the site. News Feeds, Timelines and now Search. Offering advertisers the ability to drill down on keywords is a revenue bonanza.

How does it work? Well, as long as the post is public, there is no time limit to what you can search. And so the mad rush begins to change privacy settings on 8-year old posts. Your friends can search for anything you have posted to your network, and you should be able to search just about any public page.

facebook search

The move to search is smart for Facebook. It’s the next evolution as it looks to become an entrenched competitor against Google. Also, niche search engines will be under the gun with this new search system. Sites similar to Yelp could lose their stranglehold over their niches as Facebook pulls more from its mountain of data.

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