Snapchat’s features are proving too popular to pass by. Facebook is the latest to jump on the disappearing message train.

The Q&A section on Facebook revealed the new feature. Facebook will let you set a post to expire. But, it’s not available for everyone just yet. Here’s Facebook’s answer to a question asking ‘How do I post something and set it to expire?’

“Setting posts to expire is only available in some areas right now.” According to Mashable, Facebook is running a small test program on Facebook for iOS.

The disappearing Facebook feature isn’t new to Facebook owned products. They launched Slingshot earlier this year which allows users to send messages that eventually disappear. Facebook-owned Instagram added a similar feature when it launched Bolt.

Who is this feature for? The business applications are obvious. I could see big and small businesses using the feature to promote limited time deals. Average users might like the feature so Facebook posts don’t come back and bite them in the future.

Stefano Maggi posted this image on Twitter that shows the expiration times ranging from one hour to a week.


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