Facebook’s latest attempt at a messaging service has gone global. Slingshot, the latest messaging service to feature short-lived messaging, is now available in international markets for users with iOS7 and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and higher.

What is Slingshot? You can send messages including photos and videos that eventually disappear. Sound like Snapchat? Well, the team at Facebook’s Creative Labs added a unique twist. In order to view incoming messages, you have to send one first.

U.S. users have been able to play with Slingshot since its initial launch last week. International users can search their respective app stores today to download the Slingshot app.

Besides announcing an international launch, the team at Slingshot also talked about their first week out in the wild.

“This past week we’ve seen people share such terrific shots, face mashes and drawings. We can’t wait for what happens next!”

The messaging app landscape is quickly becoming saturated. Most people are jumping onboard with the Snapchat-esque deleting messages. Others are aiming for simplicity. Yo, an app where all you send is “Yo” to friends, made headlines after $1 million was invested into the company.

Yahoo’s setting up its own entry into messaging apps. Back in May, they bought Blink, another messaging app similar to Snapchat. Blink’s iOS and Android apps were then shut down. The whole team at Blink is now working at Yahoo’s mobile team “where they will focus on smart communication products.”


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