Bethesda is back with another entry in their fantastic S.P.E.C.I.A.L. video series. This time, it’s Endurance.

Here’s how the Endurance skill will affect your Fallout 4 playthrough.

It’s why you don’t grow an extra leg

Fallout 4 radiation

The area around Boston has seen better days. After total atomic annihilation wiped out civilization as we know it, it’s up to us to ‘Make America Great Again.’ Endurance helps out by making sure you don’t grow an extra leg. But other creatures aren’t so lucky…

Fallout 4 huge crab

Endurance also provides defense against more traditional attacks such as melee and gunfire.

You will expand your appetite

Panera Bread is no more. There’s only so much old-packaged food one can eat. Lucky for us, the Endurance skill expands our palate to other foods. Though it may be something that is more of an acquired taste…

Fallout 4 cannibal

There is one interesting piece of info in the video. It talks about how we will use water and food to keep our body “well maintained to stay in tip-top shape.” How far is Bethesda going to go with this feature? Will we need food and water just to survive? Or will it be for replenishing HP and AP? I doubt Bethesda would go as far as making it mandatory for survival.

It helps you run farther and more

Yep. Sprint is in Fallout 4. We first saw sprint in the Fallout 4 Gameplay Exploration video (fast forward to 1:18 in the video below).

The higher your Endurance, the longer you will be able to run. As you run Action Points (AP) drain away. The more Endurance you have, the less AP drops as you sprint.

More Endurance means you can hold your breath underwater longer, take more damage and take a bite out of other humans.

Keep an eye on Bethesda’s channel next week for the Charisma video. And if you haven’t yet, go give the Fallout 4 Main Theme a listen. Get ready for another trip into the atomic wasteland on November 10.

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