At this point, we have come to expect Family Feud contestants to say insane things to Steve Harvey. Why not? You’re on a daytime game show. We are only watching because it’s on during lunch and I can’t stand to listen to Wolf Blitzer to tell me to DVR CNN. Really, Wolf?

So, what has social media laughing today? During a face-off between the contestants, Harvey asked, “Name something a doctor pulls out of a person.”

Ok, I can see how this can get dirty in a hurry; 50 Shades of Grey is coming out, and it’s like a license to admit we are all closet freaks.

The answer? “A gerbil!”

The audience and Harvey busted out laughing at the insanity of it. Ok, what exactly is going on in that household. Gerbils? You just gave the 50 Shades writer some interesting new material. The red room? Nah, my gerbil wheel.

To me, Family Feud is starting to become like Jerry Springer. It’s so ridiculous it has to be staged.

Oh, and gerbil was not on the board for those keeping score. Wrong survey.


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