It must be discount Monday at Spotify HQ. The company is going the way of the cell carriers and introducing a family plan. Before today, each Spotify Premium account was priced at $10 per month. Today, the first account is $10, and then $5 for each additional account. If it’s too early to even think about math, a family of four would pay $25 instead of $40.

The move is obviously intended to boost subscriber count as the company deals with Pandora and iTunes Radio. Plus, do you really want your kid’s playlists all over your account? I didn’t think so.

Ken Parks, the chief content officer at Spotify released a statement on the move. “This is one of the most asked for features from our audience.”

Of course Ken, you also want to merge the 10 million paying customers with the 40 million active users. Spotify has been pushing to get people on the paying side of the ledger for months. They have launched several smartphone initiatives, including launching on Windows Mobile. Hey, some Windows love.

Spotify also partnered with Sprint to offer a free trial of the service. It wouldn’t be shocking to see the service try to get bundled with carrier plans in the future. Family plans have been used to great effect with other services.

In the case of Spotify, it gives you and your family each their own accounts. That means no more crossed playlists, weird song recommendations or being logged out when someone else logs in. You can no longer say it’s your kid who has a the complete One Direction and Taylor Swift playlist. You’re going to have to own up to that one.

The new family plan is being rolled out in the United States today, and globally over the next few weeks. Below is the pricing structure in various currencies up to a family of five.

spotify family pricing

When the program goes live, you can upgrade your account at the Spotify Family splash page.

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