One hand on a Fancy, the other holding a peace sign. For a selfie. Come now, what did you expect? The memories won’t remember themselves.

Fancy is the world’s smallest smartphone stabilizer which incorporates a battery bank to keep you snapping photos until your iPhone gets angry. And it includes a light because we all know it’s about quality lighting and filters.

Fancy Smartphone Stabilizer

The biggest feature of Fancy is its hyper-portability. It fits in your pocket and works in tandem with OIS and a single axis stabilizer. It won’t compare to DJI’s Osmo Mobile, but that’s not the point. There’s no way you can fit an Osmo Mobile into a pocket.

Here’s an action shot with and without stabilization:

A solid use case for a Fancy stabilizer is vloggers. If you’re running around hyped up on an energy drink, it’s going to have some shake to it. Outings with your friends. Street vlogging. You get the idea. Anything that demands maximum portability.

fancy smartphone stabilizer lifestyle

Those needing a bit of range can attach it to any selfie stick. And in addition to the light, each Fancy comes with a mirror to make sure no one has to go deep into Lightroom Mobile to fix up your next Instagram post. Fancy and company are looking out.

Fancy Indiegogo

Developed by WeWow, the Fancy is already funded 600% past its $5,000 goal. The ship date is reasonable for a crowdfunded project, with backers receiving whichever perk in April. Pricing is $89, with an expected retail price of $128.

fancy smartphone stabilizer colors

A Fancy smartphone stabilizer will not replace other stabilizers like the Osmo Mobile. Instead, it serves as a compliment. Sometimes you don’t want to carry around a shoulder bag filled with batteries and more.

Fancy keeps it both simple and well, a little bit fancy.

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