If you love some gumbo with your NCIS, go back for a second helping. CBS Freshman series NCIS: New Orleans has already been picked up for a second season. With 18.1 million total viewers, it was a lock for a second season.

Total viewers is the metric CBS prefers to use, due to their audience skewing older. Personally, I don’t get the hang up on touting having older viewers. Who has more money? The 18-year old college student, or the middle-aged person with a job? It’s not a trick question.

As for NCIS: New Orleans, it’s a show you either love or hate. The over-the-top southern feel is beyond forced, and I live in Alabama. I fall in the camp of ‘I just can’t do it.’

The two other freshman series that managed to snag an early renewal are Madam Secretary and Scorpion. Both shows pulls 14.9 and 14.5 million viewers, respectively. Not bad at all. NBC called and would like some viewers CBS.

Nina Tassler, the network’s entertainment chief, spoke at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena.

“These freshman dramas have each made a big impact on key nights of the week. Creatively distinctive, the series are backed by strong showrunners with amazingly talented casts, and have resonated with a big, broad audience.”

A show that is living on the bubble is the freshman comedy, The McCarthys. It was given a short order season, and a rather tepid endorsement from Tassler. “The McCarthys did one of their best numbers last week. It’s certainly a contender for next year. You have to make decisions limiting certain orders of some shows in order to get new shows on the air, which is [what we had to do to launch] Odd Couple.”

Yeah, that’s not encouraging. If you’re a fan, I wouldn’t get too invested. CBS is known for culling the ranks of its shows, even if they would be mega hits on another network.

In addition to the renewals, we got a firm date on Stephen Colbert hosting the Late Show. Mark your calendar for September 8.


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