Tom Cruise continues to roll on, completing yet another mission. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation came out on top in its second weekend, banking $29.4 million. It gives the franchise $100 million domestically in ten days.

mission impossible rogue nation second weekend box office

Cruise can do Mission Impossible movies as long as he wants. But, come on Tom. Grab the aviators. You know we want Top Gun 2.

Fantastic Four? Ugh. For a reboot with all the marketing behind it, the fans just did not show up. It came in second with $26.2 million. As a major tentpole comic book movie, that’s terrible.

The Josh Trank directed reboot had a terrible week of publicity leading up to the release. While most discount reviews, the Rotten Tomatoes score clocked in at 9 percent. Then came the tweet from Trank himself saying the finished product was not his ‘Fantastic’ final cut.

He deleted the tweet but welcome to the Internet. Someone is there with a screengrab. Miles Teller, one of the leads, had a disastrous Esquire profile where he came off as a pompous ass.

Add to a host of other bad social buzz, and you could see the flop happening miles away. You can also make the argument the reboot came too soon. It was 2005 when the first Fantastic Four hit, making $56.1 million in its opening weekend.

Look at Spider-Man. Sony did not know how to let go of the origin story schtick, and the films saw diminishing returns. The studio has now partnered with Marvel Studios to breathe life into the beloved character.

At this point, Fox should entertain the idea of doing either the same as Sony or outright sell the rights back to Marvel.

The performance of the film at the box office is the lowest for a major comic book movie since The Wolverine two years ago. It debuted to $53.1 million.

Rounding out the top five at the box office was The Gift, coming in third with $12 million. Starring Joel Edgerton, the thriller was low-budget from STX Entertainment. It’s already in the black and has positive word-of-mouth.

The four and five positions were holdovers. Vacation managed the fourth spot with $9.1 million. Marvel’s Ant-Man grabbed an additional $7.8 million. It takes it domestic haul to north of $145 million, giving the studio yet another blockbuster.

Overall, box office receipts were down 30 percent year over year. Last year enjoyed the impressive debut of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and the second weekend of Guardians of the Galaxy.


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