I know what you’re thinking. The previous Fantastic Four movies were horrible. I agree with you, but you have to watch the reboot trailer. Gone is the over-the-top slapstick comedy. In its place is something much darker. It has the feel of the type of comic book movies we have come to enjoy.

20th Century Fox has set the release for this August – a perfect release date that gives it freedom to hold the box office.

The teaser is garnering some Interstellar comparisons. We barely see the superheroes use their superpowers, but I’m on board with that. We have months before this releases. Let a teaser trailer be an actual teaser trailer for once.

Casting is a who’s who of upcoming Hollywood stars. Jamie Bell will play Ben Grimm; Miles Teller as Reed Rickards; Kate Mara as Sue Storm; and Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm.

Together the team will battle their old friend, Victor Domashev. How confident is the studio in the property? The second film is already scheduled for June 2, 2017.

Just be glad we don’t have to hear the cast recite Dylan Thomas a dozen times throughout the movie.


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