A 41-second teaser sets the stage for the next Far Cry 5. Don’t expect gameplay here. It’s all live-action. Let’s take a look at the picturesque mountains and forests of Montana mixed with a little piece of what Far Cry 5 is going to offer.

The prehistoric landscape of Primal gives way to the idyllic landscapes of Hope County, Montana. But mixed with the usual Far Cry action. Hopefully, with some tweaking of the Ubisoft formula. Please don’t make me skin mountain lions to craft an ammo pouch.

Now we know Far Cry 5 is taking place in a modern-day Montana. Not a Western (ala Red Dead Redemption) that was rumored across the web earlier in the year.

One report suggests Far Cry 5 is coming in September. The Great Falls Tribune reported about a film crew in Poplar, Montana shooting a scene for a video game. “Crew members used a drone that repeatedly flew by the belfry (bell tower) filming a man fighting with another man near a hanging bell,” the Great Falls Tribune reports. “The footage mostly will be used for promotion of the video game.”

The report quotes Los Angeles-based Producer Jeff Guillot as saying, “this is a sequel to an existing global franchise.” Guillot also said the game will be released in September.

The church bell tower scene lines up pretty good with the final scene from the teaser trailer above. Plus, what other AAA franchises are using Montana as their setting? Sure sounds like Far Cry 5 to me. Getting Far Cry 5 out the door in September makes sense. It gives Assassin’s Creed the coveted November release date while giving Far Cry 5 plenty of room two months before.

Ubisoft will give us a full Far Cry 5 announcement trailer on May 26. Maybe that trailer will include some gameplay. Regardless, we’ll see plenty more of Far Cry 5 at Ubisoft’s E3 conference next month.

I’m curious to see how big co-op will be. Ubisoft is killing it these days with their post-launch support for games. Ghost Recon: Wildlands bummed me out by not having PvP, but Ubisoft still found a massive audience that made it the best-selling game of 2017 so far. Rainbow Six Siege is still going strong in its second year.

You can count on Ubisoft leaning hard on co-op, I just hope they don’t leave the competitive multiplayer folks hanging. I’m still waiting on a AAA developer to give us a Battle Royale-style mode. As popular as games like H1Z1 and Battlegrounds are on PC, I’m surprised none of the big publishers have given it a go yet. The Montana setting would definitely work.

What would you like to see from Far Cry 5?

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