One more time. OK, one last ride and I swear I’m done. Universal Studios Hollywood is capitalizing on the success of the Fast and Furious franchise by opening its ride dedicated to the series.

If you’re a fan that doesn’t have motion sickness issues, the ride will simulate street races at 120mph. Named ‘Fast and Furious – Supercharged,’ the ride takes advantage of 3D-HD imagery to delight fans. Yeah, no one is letting little Timmy behind the wheel of a turbo-charged Supra. It’s just not happening.

Universal Studios was touting the technology behind the ride when it opened Wednesday. Park officials called it the world’s most expansive 360-degree screens.

With original cast members appearing throughout the ride, it is now the endcap to Universal’s behind-the-scenes Studio Tour. All ticket tiers at the theme park come with the Studio Tour, so you don’t have to worry about shelling out additional cash to experience the new ride.

The red carpet debut featured franchise actors Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Jason Statham and Tyrese Gibson. It wouldn’t be a Fast and Furious red carpet without a car. The event planners had a car crash through a billboard to mark the opening of Universal’s newest attraction.

Tyrese Gibson commented on the new ride during its premiere saying, “When you put people in a theater, or they watch a Blu-ray DVD, they are watching in the comfort of their home. But to physically be inside a tram car and experience your favorite franchise as a theme park ride, it definitely raises the bar.”

I personally blame Gibson for the potential speeding tickets I nearly receive after every iteration. Who doesn’t leave the movie accidentally missing the speed limit signs?

For your next ride Universal? I want Dom’s car on a lap track. Now that’s something I would pay extra for.

The poor parents about to the insistent pleas of ‘one more time’ just sit back and enjoy the ride. It is open as of yesterday, so strap in and enjoy the Fast and Furious experience.


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