Sony’s Gamescom briefing wrapped up a short while ago. During the first few minutes, the company announced they have sold 10 million consoles through to consumers. That’s actual sales, not shipped numbers. That’s a three million increase from the numbers Sony released in early April.

That puts Sony at a major advantage over Microsoft. Exactly how much? We don’t know for sure. The last hard numbers we received from Microsoft were 5 million shipped back in April. With Sony’s lead so wide, I doubt we get hard numbers from Microsoft until they hit a major milestone.

This sales gap is probably the main reason we saw the Tomb Raider exclusive announcement at Microsoft’s briefing this morning.

Sony Computer Entertainment CEO Andrew House touted the numbers in an official release a short while ago. “The responses we have received for the PS4 system’s unique gameplay experiences powered by the network, along with its vast game portfolio has been phenomenal, and I am absolutely delighted that PS4 was able to reach this commemorative milestone in less than 9 months.”

“We’re so grateful for the enormous support from PlayStation gamers worldwide, and we look forward to bringing even more exciting content and services in the months ahead.”

The 10 million sell through figure accounts for worldwide sales as of August 10, and makes the PS4 the “fastest and strongest” growing Playstation hardware ever.

Software sales sit at 30 million copies across retail and digital as of August 10.

Look for that 10 million figure to balloon higher as Destiny hits stores next month. Sony and Activision have teamed up to offer timed-exclusive content for Destiny. Similar to how Microsoft and Activision have teamed up in the past for Call of Duty.


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