And family. Count it out. We have three mentions of family, and Universal Studios was kind enough to spoil the ending of Fate of the Furious. It’s not a giant surprise. Dom was always going back to his herd – I mean family. Feast your eyes on a franchise given a blank check.

The Rock catching a grenade barehanded is normally enough for viewers to shake their head and preorder tickets. But why stop at grenades? How about jetpacks for the crew landing inside the back of a cargo plane. Your move Red Bull.

But no, the best part is the submarine chasing the crew on the ice – it makes sense if you don’t think about it. The Rock steers a torpedo by hand into the chasing vehicles. Yep, someone near the end of the film saw they had extra cash from Universal and decided more explosions.

There is a point which is sure to scare the hell out of people on self-driving cars. Charlize Theron’s character controlling every car in NYC to chase down Dom’s crew. It sounds like something Uber would screw up and do.

fate of the furious trailer submarine chase

At the end of the trailer, you see Dom returning to his family by steering a missile into the sub. Hell yes, I’ll be there on opening day. Fate of the Furious hits theaters on April 14.

Furious 9 and Beyond?

So, the past movies have seen the crew take down a C-5 Galaxy, jump a multi-million dollar supercar through skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi and now being chased by a submarine. What the hell is next?

Dom and company obviously have free reign, so my guess is space. Why not? Somehow Vin Diesel will find a tire iron to beat the hell out of someone.

It’s past the point of parody, but we all love it. Now the question is can it match the box office success of the seventh film? I’d say no, but never underestimate the power of a popcorn movie.

Where do you think the franchise heads after the eighth film? Only so many cars you an wreck and you can see in the trailer; they destroy a ton of cars. Sound off in the comments.

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