This is what happens when you turn product designers loose in the kitchen. Your old, heavy cast iron skillet? Upgrade time.

Lighter. Smoother. And weighs less than a Macbook Pro.

What? Never thought it would be great to have a measuring system involving Apple products? Tech people are gonna tech. It’s a law of nature.

Cast iron has always been prized in the kitchen thanks to its heat retention. Roasted vegetables? Done. Steaks? Oh yeah. Flakey pie crusts? How dare you even ask?

It doesn’t matter what cooking source you use. Anything from an open flame to the latest induction cooktop. Cast iron handles it with ease.

Field Skillet

Meet the new and improved cast iron skillet. Field Skillet answers all the negatives holding the prized pan back. The company realizes that anything over five pounds in cookware instantly becomes a chore to use.

How did they put cast iron on a diet? Current cast iron pans are instantly recognizable by their rough, pebble-like finish. Field Skillet smoothed out the finish to drop weight.

field skillet finish

Having a smooth cooking surface also allows each skillet to arrive seasoned. Oh, you know they put it through the fried egg test:


Another weight saver is the lack of a pour spout on the skillet. Besides, since when does the pour spout actually work? Never and Field Skillet opted to save on weight and manufacturing costs.

The size of each Field Skillet is #8. It’s a universal fit for most stove tops. Matching the pan to the burner size gives it even heat distribution and should limit hot spots.

In a nod to the pans of old, each skillet comes with an integrated heat ring. Vintage cast iron pans used a heat ring for a better fit in wood burning stoves.

Cast Iron Benefits

Cast iron’s biggest selling point is that it ages well. The more you use it, the better it gets. Its nonstick properties get better as it seasons and the flavor it offers increases.

The natural non-stick means you can put down the cooking sprays. For the eco-friendly crowd, that’s a win.

Stylish. Cast iron has been around for 2,000+ years. It’s here to stay and looks equally as good in a farmhouse as a modern loft. Field Skillet’s take on the old standard ensures even the wildest interior designer will agree.

Field Skillet Kickstarter

The funding goal of $30,000? The Kickstarter crowd hit it with a cast iron skillet. It is sitting at over $100,000 and climbing by the second.


Pricing for the Field Skillet is interesting. Want one of the first? The April 2016 production run is priced at $135. A second production run slated for June at $90, and a third for July at $85.

Ok, I love this company.

What about a two-pack? Your friends or family will want to ‘borrow’ the pan. Better grab two. Pricing is set for $175 in the June production run. A three-pack is priced at $245.

Learn more about the process and story behind the Field Skillet at Kickstarter.

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