No Man’s Sky isn’t just peaceful exploring. The second of four videos describing the game was released this week. We saw how we’ll explore countless star systems. This video shows how we’ll fight.

The video’s description tells us who we will fight. “Your Universe Awaits,” is the slogan for No Man’s Sky. But it seems like our objective revolves around wrecking it.

Planets are protected by a force of robots known as the Sentinels. Use your multi-tool to mine resources? The Sentinels will investigate. Attack a creature? Same thing. It doesn’t matter who attacks who. The Sentinels are there to keep each planet in a “natural, undisturbed state.” Basically, the Sentinels job is to keep us from wrecking shit. Our job? Wreck shit. And here I thought No Man’s Sky was more of a peaceful, tranquil game. Turns out we are kinda dicks.

Once we start collecting resources and slaughtering the planet’s native wildlife, our wanted level begins to go up. Think GTA. At first, flying drones come by to harass you. Then, quadrupedal machines. If you start strip mining the planet or get a little too carried away with blowing animals up, Sentinel dropships will be dispatched.

It’s hard to get a feel for the combat in a minute-long trailer. We see quick cuts of ground combat against Sentinels. Hello Games also teases “epic space battles.” We catch a glimpse of one of these at the 0:22 mark in the trailer as our ship follows a trio of spaceships attacking a cruiser. How common will these larger space battles be? Will most systems be calm, or can we expect them to be the scene of potentially huge battles? Then again, it’s space battles. That alone is enough to get me excited.

To me, these videos show us what we’ll be doing on the first day of playing No Man’s Sky. It’s how these systems progress is what I’m most curious about. How much can we upgrade the multi-tool? How massive can the space battles get? These are the kind of questions we won’t get answers to until we start progressing further and further.

No Man's Sky epic space battles

No Man’s Sky is a tricky game to show off for Hello Games. They’re trying to balance showing what’s possible while at the same time letting players discover what’s possible on their own.

I have no idea if No Man’s Sky will live up to the insane hype surrounding it. For me, I’m just glad we’re all about to be playing it. I want to see just how crazy the procedurally generated galaxy is going to get.

What do you think of the combat shown off in the new trailer?

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