Sony won older gamers’ hearts when they announced a Final Fantasy VII remake at E3. It turns out, that isn’t the only Final Fantasy remake in the works.

The reveal came in an offhand remark by composer Arnie Roth.

Roth and Final Fantasy XII composer Hitoshi Sakimoto were at last night’s Final Fantasy Distant Worlds concert in Pittsburgh.

Final Fantasy Network has a video of the announcement below. It happens around the 0:20 mark.

Fans in attendance cheered the reveal with one exclaiming, “are you serious!?”

Soon after the announcement, many started to wonder if Roth meant Final Fantasy VII and slipped by saying Final Fantasy XII. But, Final Fantasy Network says Roth had just finished discussing the Final Fantasy VII remake before dropping the Final Fantasy XII remark.

Now, Square Enix isn’t confirming anything but that’s not a surprise. One of two things is happening. Either Roth is mistaken, or he made an announcement he shouldn’t have.

The announcement itself wouldn’t be that surprising. Final Fantasy XII’s only home is the PS2 and a sequel on the 3DS. Getting Final Fantasy XII on to more modern consoles makes sense. There’s always a market for remakes/remasters, especially for Final Fantasy.

Who knows what’s going on. Maybe Square Enix will let us know something tomorrow. Whatever the case, people are going to want a Final Fantasy XII remake/remaster. Even if Square Enix isn’t working on it, they might as well get started.

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