It’s here. Head over for our coverage of the Hero 8 Black.

It’s the final countdown before GoPro’s Live Event tomorrow morning. Thanks to regulatory agencies who don’t care about leaks, and enough rumors to keep YouTubers flush with content for a year, we know damn near everything about the GoPro Hero 8 and its sibling, the GoPro Max.

Let’s take a deep dive in all things GoPro and what we can expect tomorrow morning.

Here’s the GoPro Hero 8

Let’s get the visuals out of the way. The design isn’t some massive departure from the Hero 7. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. A few interesting accessories are being added to the GoPro, including an attachable LED light and a new screen. The latter is definitely a reaction to the Osmo Action. 

gopro hero 8 front

GoPro Max. The GoPro Fusion is also getting an upgrade with the GoPro Max.

gopro max

How Much is the GoPro Hero 8 Black?<

We have three data points on the GoPro Hero 8 costing $399. The first is the fact the Hero 7 Black dropped off its $399 price point and can be had for just over $300. That frees up the MSRP spot for the GoPro Hero 8. 

The second data point is an overzealous retailer listing the price in Poland. GoPro doesn’t do 1:1 conversions, so the $399 makes sense here.

And the third is the DJI Osmo Action. It doesn’t matter what kind of specs and features the Hero 8 throws out tomorrow. The Osmo Action is sitting at $299 on Amazon. Sure, the MSRP is $379, but DJI will do any and everything to woo buyers away from GoPro. 

What’s New on the GoPro Hero 8

The GoPro Hero 7 brought the insane stabilization. Now it’s time to max out the video features. It will feature the GP2 chip and rumors have consistently maintained 4K video at 120fps. 1080p at 480fps. Yes, the FPV camera drone community will absolutely love those video specs. 

Image quality is getting a bump thanks to onboard GP2 chip and a new lens. It’s the same 12MP sensor, but the action camera market was never known for megapixel wars. Expect a ton of quality of life improvements with the interface and GoPro’s ProTune settings. 

Another interesting addition to the GoPro family are the accessories with an attachable screen and LED light. That’s a new one from the company and could signal a more concerted move into the vlogging market.  

What’s the GoPro Hero 8 Release Date?

It gets announced tomorrow, October 1. Judging by the fact it’s a live event, all signs point to a release date the same day. The company isn’t known for holding live events to announce product developments. Even if availability isn’t the same day, GoPro wants the Hero 8 to be one of the hot holiday purchases. 

GoPro positioned themselves well with the Hero 8 release. It’s too soon for DJI to rush out a counter with an Osmo Action 2. The company essentially has the holiday market to themselves in terms of features. Now price? DJI can and will compete on that front. It can take the hit to pull users into its ecosystem. 

It’ll be a fun event tomorrow. Keep it locked here as we cover all the announcements. 

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