We are less than 72 hours away from electing our next president. Hillary Clinton? Donald Trump? Clinton has a broad path to victory, but every time Donald Trump chances are dismissed out of hand, he emerges the victor. It has created the environment of the candidate’s fervent supporter to seek out news that is friendly to their choice.

And that’s the punchline of SNL’s final election cold opening. Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon’s Hillary Clinton facing off one last time.


Ah hell. CNN. How excited do you think John King is for the Google Jamboard? No more magic wall.

You know he wants one. The Jamboard comes in CNN red and has an oversized stylus to circle whatever is important Tuesday night.

Hey, a random county in Ohio, how did they vote in 2008? Take a drink. Florida? Good lord. I was born in Homestead, and every four years we all collectively hope the state doesn’t destroy our democracy.

SNL Election Send Off

The SNL cold open was all in on criticizing the coverage of the election. And they had a bone to pick with the coverage of Clinton’s email server. Cecily Strong’s Erin Burnett was hyper focused on the FBI’s renewed focus on her private email server.

“Am I crazy, or does it kind of seem like the FBI is trying to get Donald Trump elected president?” Clinton asked.

Baldwin’s Trump was quick to jump in. “No, no. That is crazy, cuckoo. The FBI is not trying to help me, the FBI doesn’t like me. I mean, what even is the FBI?” Cue the FBI agent getting a kiss on the mouth from the Donald.

SNL was all in with the pattern. Clinton pushing the Russian connection as Trump gave a shirtless Putin a kiss. Racist? Cue Trump kissing the KKK member. One of the funnier bits was a slap at Twitter from Trump. Him using a secure service for messages no one reads.

Poor Twitter. If it ever had a chance of righting the ship, the company needed to spin this election into a massive boon. All these new users. Sure, they have the personality of an asshole, but at least active user count is up.

The interview went to both candidates making their final pitch to voters. McKinnon’s Clinton was at a complete loss.

“What is happening?” Clinton asked. “Is the whole world insane? Donald Trump has single-handedly ruined so much of what we Americans hold dear. Kindness, decency, Tic Tacs. Skittles. Taco bowls. Father-daughter dances. Bright red hats. The word ‘great.’ The color orange. Men.”

“But look, if you want to elect him president on Tuesday, go ahead,” she continued. But in four years, when Americans start to regret their choice and start begging her to run again, Clinton added, “Guess what, idiots? I’ll do it.”

No doubt there. Clinton is the new Mitt Romney. How many times do you have to lose before you take your millions and just yell at the TV?

Trump’s closing message started with the crooked Hillary line before Baldwin broke character. “I’m sorry, Kate,” he told McKinnon. “I just hate yelling all this stuff at you like this.” He asked the audience, “Don’t you guys just feel gross all the time about this?”

Not sure you want the answer to that Alec, but watching fake Donald Trump hug a black guy and McKinnon’s Clinton embracing a random person wearing a ‘Make America Great Again’ hat was great.

With Inferno a domestic bomb, SNL should have brought Tom Hanks back to be that guy.

Media Critique Bias?

The overarching theme was the media obsession with covering all things negative about Hillary and giving Donald a free pass. Clinton’s camp has been pushing that narrative for months, saying it has saturated the coverage and overshadowed the controversial things Donald Trump has done.

Say what you will about the emails, but 83 percent of likely voters think Clinton did something wrong with her email server, while 51 percent believe it was illegal.

And let’s be real. It wasn’t a media campaign to hammer Clinton. If anything, most networks openly mock the GOP nominee. In fact, 43 percent of Americans think coverage of Trump has been too negative, while only 11 percent think the same of Clinton coverage.

Breaking it down by party lines, even Democrats aren’t buying the argument of media bias. 17 percent think the coverage of Clinton is skewed against her. Hell, 13 percent of Democrats think Trump coverage has been too negative.

SNL’s media critique pushes the Clinton narrative. They may be right, but not because there’s a vast conspiracy in the media. Some nights they don’t know what to say when Donald Trump continues to go off message and fight with his own party over perceived slights. His comments on ‘insert group/ethnicity here,’ and the system is rigged. Conventional wisdom lost long ago.

There is hope on the horizon, though. It’s all over Tuesday night. Right, Florida?

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