The world is in danger. But first, you need to solve a series of intricate puzzles to find this out. Wait, what?

This looks like just the kind of flick Movie Pass was made for. There are two genres I’m lenient with. Sci-fi movies and any movie with a hint of history. It has to be Gods of Egypt bad to turn me off. And Tomb Raider doesn’t look quite that absurd. Yeah, Lara’s spring-loaded boots are a bit much. What’s up with all the Olympic record-breaking long jumps in the trailer?

And what the hell, Warner Bros? Did you just toss the ending in the trailer? At the end, we see Lara getting her trademark dual pistols from the original games. Either Lara’s a firearms expert before she heads to the island, or we’re looking at a scene setting up a possible sequel.

If it’s before, it’s a tease that amounts to nothing. We don’t see Lara walking around the island with two pistols on her hip. Just a bow. If it’s at the end, why didn’t you just keep it under wraps until the movie hits?

I would say Tomb Raider has the cast to pull it off, but that’s what we all said about Assassin’s Creed. Look how that turned out. Still, Walton Goggins is one of my favorite actors out there. And Alicia Vikander in the starring role is a great choice.

But quality actors isn’t enough. The writing and directing will be where Tomb Raider shines or stumbles. History tells us Tomb Raider will be a dud. But you know what, screw that. Tomb Raider’s got this. Not all video game movies can be garbage. Right?

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