I know teaser trailers aren’t supposed to show much but damn, Venom’s first teaser barely shows anything. Here’s 80 seconds of Tom Hardy walking around and quick cuts of a handful of action scenes.

The trailer is light on story details, which is to be expected. But we barely even get a glimpse of the symbiote that transforms Hardy’s character into the Lethal Protector. We see it once at 1:02 with the symbiote locked inside a capsule, and again at the very end as it spreads up Hardy’s neck.

Now, this is just a teaser trailer. A full-fledged trailer is bound to drop soon. But teaser trailers are supposed to get us excited to see the movie. This one falls flat.

That last scene should have given us a glimpse of Venom in all its glory. Or even an ominous over-the-shoulder angle as Venom’s tongue flicks around. Give us that ‘oh shit’ moment the best teasers deliver.

Still, it’s Tom Hardy and Venom. I want to see it. I want it to be good. Sony just needs to do a better job selling it to us. There’s still eight months before Venom hits theaters. Plus, shooting just wrapped about a week ago. Hopefully we’ll see better trailers as post-production ramps up.

Venom hits theaters on October 5, 2018.

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