Here’s a problem that desperately needed solving. Russian troop deployment to the Crimean region? Nah. Systemic unemployment? Come now. Binge watching the latest season of House of Cards at 3am and nod off because you forgot to hit pause and resume the next day? There’s now a hack for that.

Netflix’s Hack Day, where employees hack together new technologies to make the user experience better have come up with a solution. Sleep bookmarks. No longer will you find yourself having jumped forward eight episodes of your fifth rewatching of Chuck. Using FitBit, a company that offers wearable wireless products to track daily activities, Netflix engineers were able to cobble together the sleep hack.

When one engineer falls asleep wearing the fitbit device, the audio on their Netflix enabled device faded and stopped playing. When the person woke up, Netflix resumed playing where the person left off. And so our progression to becoming the human characters off Wall-E continues.

If they wanted to step this up, they should hack the FitBit device to zap you and get Kevin Spacey to voice over in Frank Underwood’s voice. Welcome back.

Here’s the tech demo from Netflix Hack Day. Most of the hacks will never make it into Netflix product offering, but it is cool to see them branching out to make the user experience more enjoyable.


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