Who knew a ‘terrorist fist bump’ would ward off the flu? A new study, because everything needs a study, is out today on the health benefits of fist bumping over the traditional handshake. Secret bro handshake? That’s bird flu man.

Granted, President Obama fist bumps, so I’m sure an outbreak of some horrible disease is just around the corner. If the President fist bumps, the GOP will have a massive hug it out party.

The new study by Dr. Dave Whitworth of Aberystwyth University in Wales looked into the hygienics of shaking hands, fist bumps and high fives. Who says you can’t have fun conducting science experiments?

In the study, participants wore both clean and bacteria infested gloves. The trio of greetings were tried out to see which transferred the least amount of germs. Handshakes ranked at the top of transferring the most germs, with high-fives and fist bumps rounding out the order.

High-fives transferred less than half the germs of a handshake, and fist bump transferred less than 90%. The working theory behind the fist bump transferring less germs is it both minimizes surface area contact and they are quicker than handshakes.

In a statement, Dr. Whitworth talked about the findings. “People rarely think about the health implications of shaking hands. If the general public could be encouraged to fist-bump, there is genuine potential to reduce the spread of infectious diseases.”

Thanks Doc, we have officially found out how to make fist bumps awkward. Bump and hold your buddies the rest of the day. And if you want to kill us all, start up one of the NBA pre-game handshakes. If we are going die form the flu, at least make it look ridiculous.


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