If the images obtained by 9to5Mac are any indication of where the iPhone is heading, your health will become a big part of Apple’s ecosystem. Rumored to be titled ‘Healthbook’, the app looks very similar to Passbook, but everything health. It will contain an emergency card and the ability to track oxygen saturation, heart rate and activity. Activity would be your run of the mill pedometer. You’ll no longer need an app for that.

apple healthbook

Also included in the image are cards that track your latest blood work, nutrition and hydration. Those would seemingly have to be self reported unless the iWatch is really out there. A blood pressure monitor is included. Could it be the rumored iWatch contains sensors to track that? Upcoming iPhones will almost certainly contain new sensors to track oxygen saturation and heart rate.

The emergency card will give users’ the ability to put in their allergies, name, medications and doctor information. One has to wonder if this will be made available on the emergency screen of an iPhone. That would give first responders a wealth of information about an unconscious victim.

Apple’s ‘Healthbook’ and upcoming iWatch will be going up against several fitness trackers already out. Judging by the number of patents and people Apple has brought on board for its push into health, it is looking take the iPhone brand deep into the health and fitness vertical. Nike’s Fuelband and FitBit will be watching over their shoulders to see what is coming down the pipeline.

For now, like all things Apple, this is just a rumor of what could be.


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