Mobile gaming mega hit Flappy Bird will make its way back to smartphones in August according to the game’s creator. Doug Nguyen told CNBC yesterday that Flappy Bird will return with new features including multiplayer. Nguyen also addressed the game’s addictiveness and said Flappy Bird will be less addictive this time around. We’ll see how that turns out now that you can play with friends.

Nguyen pulled the game from app stores earlier this year as be believed people were becoming too addicted.

At the height of Flappy Bird’s popularity, Nguyen was earning $50,000 a day. Well, you can’t say he’s addicted to the money or he would have never taken it down.

Fans of Flappy Bird can also look forward to more games from Nguyen. He told CNBC he is working on another game that features “a guy jumping from building to building.”

Flappy Bird’s premise wasn’t a new one. You tap a the screen to guide a bird through Super Mario-esque pipes in the air. The game’s aesthetics helped boost the game’s popularity more than anything else.

Besides the multiplayer announcement, no additional details were given.

Will Flappy Bird’s relaunch be as successful as the original? We’ll see in August.


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