One more nail for Adobe’s Flash. You can now speed test your Internet speed without the web plugin. Ookla, the owner of speedtest.net, has rolled out its beta version that uses HTML5 in place of Flash.

Don’t worry, there are still ads everywhere on the beta site. But damn if it doesn’t run buttery smooth. My Comcast connection in Gadsden, AL? 21ms ping, 114 Mbps down and 23 Mbps up.

Yeah, in a perfect world I’d get those speeds. Still, not bad for rural Alabama.

Ok, it’s just a speed-testing site. Why the excitement. Have you ever spent time on the phone with your ISP’s customer service department? Then you know.

Who else do we need to embrace HTML5 to finally pull the plug on Flash? Two big companies still rely heavily on it. Netflix and Hulu.

While it’s easy to say they should just make the switch to an HTML5 player, watching House of Cards across the world is a bit more involved than seeing how fast you could download the latest Steam sale.

The move by Ookla does put another nail in what was once the pinnacle of the web. Times have changed. Adobe recognizes it. We recognize it. All that is left is the steady pull towards the HTML5 standard.

It’ll be a great day.

Test your internet speed today at the beta site. Here’s a screen grab of mine:

Speed testing Comcast internet speeds

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