The trio behind Flens has been spying on me. They know I stumble through the house in the middle of the night looking for a snack. Don’t judge. Nothing says serious sleep like a 2am sugar craving.

My flashlight of choice? The iPhone flash. Flens is the answer to the millions who, like me, treat the camera flash as our own personal flashlight.

Forget the fact I have a Streamlight within reach. Flick the screen with my thumb and I’m going Indiana Jones in my quest to find my cat.

Flens Puts Light on the Situation

Created by a trio of Italians, the company is taking the standard iPhone flash and lending it up to 10x light multiplication. Basically, you get a beam rather than a blanket of blinding light.

Perfect for those nights when my dogs decide to do a perimeter check of an 11-acre front yard.

Need another use case besides walking in the dark or searching for a cat that loves a dark corner at night? Low light photography. Hey, those sunset walks need to be documented. Flens lets you hound your friend to take a picture(s) with the city skyline in the background.

flens flashlight at night

How does it work? Flens attaches to your iPhone thanks to a small carbon-steel adhesive washer attached to your phone’s flash. The Flens uses small neodymium magnets to securely attach to the washer.

Its lens is made from borosilicate N-BK7 glass placed in a lightweight aluminum body.

You don’t want this on 24/7, and the Flens team understands that. Store the attachment on a quick release lanyard attached to a keychain. Your EDC just became a hell of a lot lighter thanks to ditching the extra flashlight.

flens keychain lanyard

Flens Kickstarter

The campaign isn’t the trio’s first Kickstarter rodeo. They were the same team behind the Relio, which was both successfully funded and delivered. With a $23,000 funding goal, Flens is lighting the path past the goalpost.

Pricing is inexpensive. A standard Flens will set you back $22 and ships in July. Need it in a gift/storage box? $33. Already know your friends and family are kleptomaniacs? A five-pack is priced at $90.

Flens flashlight smartphone attachment

A quick note on the compatibility of the Flens. It was designed for the iPhone, but it does fit some standard flashes on Android and Windows Phones. Check with the Flens team on the campaign page for compatibility for your smartphone.

iPhone owners? You’re covered. Even owners of the iPad Pro. Why you’re walking the house using what amounts to a laptop as a flashlight is anyone’s guess. But knock yourself out.

Learn more about the design and manufacturing process behind Flens on the company’s Kickstarter.

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