File this one under ‘why not?’ Have a stack of 3.5” floppy disks lying around? No? Same here, though it brings up memories of high school. I don’t even have DVD drives in any of my current computers.

There’s no reason we can’t journey down memory lane, though. Or history books for the younger millennials. YouTuber Dr. Moddnstine decided it was time to upgrade his mid-90s IBM Aptiva. That was my first computer in middle school. I was the nerdy kid who was amazed by Encarta (go ahead kids, google it) and the non-stop free trials of AOL.

Do you remember the sound of dial-up Internet? Now I get irate when my download speed drops below 50mbps. Good times.

128GB Floppy Disk

The upgrade from the 468 DX/2 hardware his Aptiva shipped with is stark. He replaced it with an ASUS Maximus VIII motherboard, i7 processor, 16GB of RAM, a Radeon R9 390 and a Corsair water cooler. But, he kept the floppy drive.
floppy disk sd card IBM aptivaaptiva floppy disk and an sd card SD card floppy disk

While working through the upgrade, he noticed the old floppy ribbon cable lined up perfectly with an SD card. It’s not an easy upgrade to pull off, keep the mindset it probably won’t end well.

Moddnstine stripped the cable down to the connections he needed and slightly bent the contacts. From there, he used a standard USB SD reader and soldered the connections to fit the card.

From there, you need to slightly adjust the floppy disk, but if you follow the video, it should all fit in the old floppy disk package. Pop it in the drive and if everything went according to plan you should see the drive light up.

Take a look at the drives in Windows and you should see the 3.5” enjoying its upgrade from 1.44MB to 118GB. You’ll ask why, but it’s all about seeing if it can be done. Not the practical use. Besides, it’s an excellent way to trip your parents out.

The Moddnstine video shows off the end-result, but enjoy 20 minutes of the complete build. An Aptiva rocking a Skylake i7. It’s easy to lament technology, but damn those were the caveman days.

Image credits: gilmour509

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