Feelin’ the flow. And working with OIS. One of the chief complaints with the Osmo Mobile is while running, the 3-axis gimbal stabilization and smartphone OIS (optical image stabilization) will not place nice together.

Sure, you can ditch the stutter effect in post, but FlowMotion Technologies promises a smartphone stabilizer accurate to the point it works in conjunction with OIS found in the latest smartphones – iPhone 6 Plus and higher, the Samsung Galaxy S7 (Edge) and LG’s G5, etc.

Quick note on the stutter with the Osmo Mobile and other stabilizers working with phones including OIS: The effect only happens when you’re filming action shots. Vloggers at a desk are fine.

FlowMotion Smartphone Stabilizer

Trust the Scandinavians to hit it out of the park when it comes to product design. The FlowMotion ONE is sexy, and it knows it. Even Jony Ive will be impressed the FlowMotion team partnered with award-winning EGGS to create the system. Disembodied voice and all…

The selling point here is we all have solid cameras in or pocket. Smartphones are the most used camera in the world. But, even the best OIS can’t get rid of a shaky cam. That’s where the team steps in with its control system and algorithms to keep our smartphones stable. Onboard 3D stabilization software works with three precision motors to eliminate shaking and vibrations.

FlowMotion ONE is three in one

It doesn’t stop with the handheld stabilizer. You can use a GoPro mount to wear your iPhone (should make AppleCare claims entertaining) and it’s extendable with the company’s extension pole.

flowmotion smartphone stabilizer 3 in 1

Those perking up at the mention of a GoPro mount should tamp down expectations. The comments are clamoring for the ability to attach a GoPro, but for now, the mount is to attach your smartphone.

Portable. Using the standard handheld configuration, the FlowMotion ONE can be broken down and fits in your back pocket. It’s a nice touch for those wanting to bring a stabilizer but not a case.

Modes and Technology

Yes, it has an app. Inside the FlowMotion app is auto follow technology to mark the subject on the screen and always keep them in focus.

Other features of the app include the ability to stream live to Facebook and YouTube, create motion time-lapses, panorama photos and the option to create your own custom film and photography presets.

flowmotion smartphone stabilizer kickstarter

Battery life is estimated at three hours and includes interchangeable batteries. It will depend on the weight and usage for real world battery life. Out of the box, it is Android and iOS compatible and connects via Bluetooth.

flowmotion smartphone stabilizer tech specs

Price and Kickstarter

There’s undoubtedly a market for smartphone stabilizers. FlowMotion had a goal of $30,000, but pledges have pushed the total raised north of $200,000 with 41 days left in the campaign.

Price. $199 for the stabilizer system, tripod mount and carrying case. The extension pole is $29. An extra battery will set you back $25, and the GoPro mount is $9. Shipping is set for April 2017. No crazed snowboarding accidents filmed for posterity this Christmas. The campaign doesn’t end until January, and a three-month gap between the campaign end point and shipping is damn good by Kickstarter standards.

And you’re damn right I’m putting the Happy Gilmore video in:

Head over to the FlowMotion Kickstarter page to learn more.

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