Feeling the flow. Working it.

There’s a new writing app out in the wild. Before you start complaining about the number of writing apps, Flowstate is different.

Diabolically different.

The purpose of Flowstate is like every other writing app. Remove distractions. Have you seen the Internet? It’s an ADD sufferer’s worst nightmare or miracle. Shiny objects everywhere. You start out writing the next blog post and before you know it you’re watching a video of a cat jump in a box.

Why? It is not our place to question the will of the Internet gods. Click on YouTube and enjoy the sheer lunacy of it. Reddit? Hell, I start acting like I’m going to get educated on r/Science. Where do I end up? TIFU.

Oh damn, Flowstate. Got distracted….


Designed by Overman, the app is simple. You said you’re going to write, so you will write. Lock in a time you are willing to write for. Caleb Slain, one of the creators, recommends starting out at 15 minutes.

Set it and start typing. Stop for five seconds and the app deletes what you have down. As in gone. Five seconds of inactivity will start to fade the text until it disappears.

Ok Caleb and Blaine Cronn, that shit is mildly evil and damn ingenious.

Flowstate borrows from the principle of getting ‘in the zone’ or a flow state. Combine the two words and an app is born. What is flow state?

Google delivers us to psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi to define it as being a highly focused mental state. Your attention becomes focused on a single task. Now, rather than that single task be you watching endless YouTube clips, get your ass writing.

Obviously, you don’t want to be doing research-style writing. Glancing at sources and back to see your ten-page report gone would earn an iMac a swift kick out the window.

Flowstate Writing

Writing is all about practice. Everyone hates to practice, so Flowstate rips your creation from you if you stop. The delete function has become the writer’s version of suicide sprints.

Flowstate writing

Flowstate lends itself to creativity. Set it for 5-180 minutes and ramble about your day. Trust me, your significant other thanks you for not having to listen about your day at the office.

Don’t worry about font selection or changing the structure. Get through the time and it saves your work. Feel free to download, share, edit or scream in victory like a madman.

Protip? If you find yourself in a block, hitting backspace and the delete key will keep the app from nuking your work. Way to go Mashable, you already found a workaround.

[divider]Pricing and Mac Only[/divider]

Pricing for the app is $15 for OS X and $10 for iOS devices. For now, Flowstate lives on Mac, but the company is interested in getting it on other platforms. Windows customers have to be interested along with Android fans.

Evil? Hell yes. But, eventually, you won’t be distracted from the eight to-do list apps on your phone.

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