Say hello to Floyd. There are plenty of mattress-in-a-box companies. Why not a platform bed? Floyd agrees and takes it one step further. Zero tools. No screws. No random Allen wrenches. No problems.

Brother Floyd, where were you when I ordered from Crate and Barrel? Assembly required means driven to the point of you don’t give a damn how many bolts are left. The mattress doesn’t fall through, and assembly instructions shouldn’t require code-breaking skills.

Floyd Bed Details

If you want a bed stamped ‘Made in America,’ you can have it without the trade war. The birch and form-bent steel are manufactured right here in the United States. Quality without the catchphrase. Or the hat…

Floyd Bed

Say your significant has an obsession with HGTV or DIY and wants to get the flow of the bedroom perfect. That means finding the correct Allen wrench – those bastards disappear faster than a pair of socks in a washing machine. We’ve all cursed the damn things, and at my house, we have sets of them lying about. Does it fit the bolt? Nah, this should be an adventure that involves a trip to Home Depot.

Next up is remembering how to dismantle your bed. Sounds simplistic until it’s in pieces around your bedroom. Then comes Sherpa mode for your wife or girlfriend carting it to the best spot. Or your brother randomly waking up one morning and deciding it’s time to rearrange a room.

Floyd has 13 parts and lifts your mattress 7.5-inches off the floor. No idea how people still use box springs and take ‘climbing into bed’ literal. Here’s the assembly of a Floyd bed:


Depending on the size, you’re looking at 2-4 panels, the corresponding end and middle clips, and two tensioning straps. Toss on a mattress and you’re done. Smarter not harder.

Price. Your bank account is safe. A Twin is $489. The Queen is $589 and the King tops out at $699. And it’s built to last. Honeycomb core panels are finished with real birch veneer. No matter what mattress in a box arrives, the weight is evenly distributed among the middle and end clips. Head over to Floyd to learn more.

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