Boat? Raft? Kayak? Canoe? Check all those boxes and add a few. The Flycraft Stealth Boat is the latest Kickstarter craze for the outdoorsman. Am I the only one staring at the video and thinking it’s perfect for photographers and videographers? Apologies to my kayak but stability has never been its thing.

The Flycraft is the answer to the problem of which damn boat do you take out to fish? Or in my case toss in a drone, one too many cameras and fishing poles. Your significant other isn’t going to let you collect boats for each use case. You need the multitool of boats.

Flycraft Portability

First problem? Portability. That’s answered by being able to pack down into a car’s trunk. Yeah, I have a car I’d like to see that tested on, but judging by the video and pictures, I could make it work.

flycraft boat and portability

Weight is always an issue. Each Flycraft breaks down to 98 pounds. Even the smallest among us can drag that around. The weight means you can also be that ‘guy’ or ‘gal’ who inflates the Flycraft before you leave the house and strap it to your roof.

Why? I ask the question why not? You arrive at the lake or river ready to kick ass. No need for a trailer unless you just happen to have one. It can fit in the trunk of a Prius all the way to a bush plane.

Multiple boats in one with a flycraft

Boat Performance

Without a doubt, the Flycraft was built with fishing in mind. Stability isn’t an option. It’s a necessity. The company integrated a reverse lean bar to provide the two-person boat with extra stability. Want a bit more? Widen your stance while casting.

The bottom of each Flycraft is rigid, getting rid of the trampoline effect that holds back most boats in this niche.

A Flycraft isn’t meant for the calm river or lakes. Nah, you know you want to get to the spot just beyond those rapids. Luckily, it can handle up to Class II. Hmm, and what do I have near my house? Class II rapids at Little River National Park.

Quit tempting me Flycraft.

What water types can a Flycraft tackle? Anything you can dream up while maintaining common sense. Ocean? Perfect around the beach or if you’re lucky enough to live in an area with excellent whale watching. Rivers and lakes are easy. And the mild white water.

[divider]Paddle or Motor?[/divider]

How about both? The Flycraft gives you the option to attach a motor for those of us feeling a bit lazy. Hey, I’ll admit it if you do. The weight limit for the motor is 30 pounds and can be gas or electric.

Without the motor, you get the best draft performance. 3-4 inches of water is all you need, making all but the smallest creeks and streams accessible. The motor option is great for those trips you know are will involve some distance or a ton of gear being hauled back and forth.


With a Class II rating, the Flycraft is built to last. Two layers of PVC armor form the bottom, and four layers surround key wear points.


A picture speaks 1000 words. Here’s Flycraft’s breakdown of how well it performs.

Fishability of a flycraft

Me? Sold on the fishing, but the uses of this are endless. Need to get the perfect shot with your drone or camera but not trusting a kayak or your gear’s waterproof case? Done. Want something that you can pack into an area? 98 pounds spread among friends gives you limitless options once your camp is ready.

Flycraft Kickstarter

The company has already started the sale of the boats, and the Kickstarter campaign is being used to ramp production and take it worldwide. If you order today, you can expect your Flycraft in April 2016.

Pricing is set at $2,795 and includes:

Flycraft Kickstarter tiers

Those wanting some extras can opt for Package C at $3,095. It includes everything you see above plus a rear cargo basket.

The campaign has been live for two days and has already ripped past $100,000. Flycraft had set a funding goal of $50,000. Safe to say the company will need to start looking towards stretch goals.

To learn more about the company and the Flycraft, head over to its Kickstarter campaign.

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