Not sure I’d take it off any jumps, but having Fonzie’s 1949 Triumph 500 motorcycle would make jumping the shark stylish.

The bike once thought to be lost, is up for auction on eBay. For $100,000. You would have to be one hell of a Happy Days fan to drop that kind of cash on the motorcycle.

For collectors, it’s an iconic piece. If Henry Winkler’s Fonzie wasn’t enough history, the bike was built by Bud Ekins. You’ll know the name thanks to his stunt work in The Great Escape and Bullitt.

The motorcycle became a feature for the magazine, Cycle World, who sent Wendy Black on assignment to find the motorcycle. Ekins told her of the three built; only one remained. The other two had been stolen, raced into the ground or chopped for parts.

It ended up in the hands of Marshal Ehlers of Mean marshall’s Motorcycles. Was he a Happy Days superfan? Hardly. He bought the bike because of the company’s racing pedigree and almost restored it to showroom specs.

Instead, the bike sat there, untouched. How it rolled across the soundstages 27 years ago is how you can purchase it today. Nice way of saying the bike is being sold ‘as is.’

It’s seen happier days and has the scuffs and scratches to prove its use.

triumph motorcycle from happy Days

Happy Days motorcycle

Fonzie triumph motorcyle

Henry Winkler’s Fonzie has been ranked #4 on TV Guide’s list of ‘50 Greatest TV Characters of All Time.’ A toy of the Triumph 500 was made and sold around the world.

Want the matching jacket? You’ll need to enlist Nicolas Cage for help. It is sitting in the Smithsonian.

Hopefully, the motorcycle makes it way to a display case next to it one day, but that will be up to the winner of the eBay auction.

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