If you’re a foodie, you’ve probably heard of Tastemade – at least in passing. The company has been around since 2012 as the go to YouTube food network. Who is the person that sits around watching the Food Network and then hitting Tastemade’s network during commercials? You might have an obsession with food.

The company launched its iOS app last July and has since racked up a monthly user base of 18 million. That type of niche targeting and numbers equals one thing in the world of startups. More cash.

The company had already raised a $10 million Series B from the likes of Redpoint and Raine Ventures. Now Scripps Network Interactive and Liberty Media are involved in the Series C – pushing this round to $25 million.

Co-founder Larry Fitzgibbon released a statement on the new round. “Both Scripps Networks Interactive and Liberty Media have a deep understanding of the market opportunity Tastemade is leading. We will use this funding to build out our engineering team and the technologies that drive our business, as well as to expand content partnerships with leading brands, reaching millennial consumers interested in exploring new ways to share and celebrate food.”

The app is a bit of a departure from the standard YouTube model. It allows users to upload their own video reviews or what tastemade calls ‘raves’ on their favorite dishes or restaurants. Think a food-centric Yelp that is much more interactive.

A basic premise of a ‘rave’ is a user can go into in a restaurant and shoot a bunch of small clips. Those can then be strung together through the editing tools to create a one-minute episode. The app even guides new users on how to use the editing functionality, and boils down what would take forever in Adobe Premiere to mere minutes.

With the funding, the company plans to continue to expand. It has an Android app on the way later this month, and Fitzgibbon says videos are already being uploaded in 12 languages and 40 countries.

Even if you are a horrible cook and have zero taste in restaurants, the app will make you seem like the foodie you always dreamed of being. Who needs a conversation with your dinner companion when you have episode 27 to create?

Check out the app over at its main site. I know Android users. Always late to the party. But, you can call this fashionably late if it makes you feel better.


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