Ubisoft’s For Honor will help kick start two months worth of high profile releases on February 14. Yesterday, the publisher appeared to accidentally upload their plans for the game post-release.

After the success of Rainbow Six Siege and it’s season pass, most of us assumed Ubisoft would take a similar approach. And it looks like we were right. A user over at For Honor’s Reddit page noticed the Season Pass info on Ubisoft’s store page. The details were quickly taken down, but like anything that goes up on the internet – it lives on through images.

Let’s take a look.

For Honor season pass

Here are the main takeaways:

Six new warriors with one-week early access.
Day 1 War Pack with three scavenger crates and 30-day Champion status.

Yep, looks a lot like Rainbow Six Siege. I’m assuming each new warrior will be purchasable via in-game means too. Ubisoft hit a formula that worked great in Rainbow Six Siege and appears to be porting it over to For Honor.

It’s a solid season pass formula. Granted, they need to watch out for balance issues with the new warriors – but the devs of Rainbow Six Siege did a great job not making any of the operators feel like you had to have them to win.

The Champion status sounds like the boosters from Rainbow Six Siege. Earn more XP and more in-game currency in matches. We’ll know for sure when Ubisoft gets around to officially announcing the season pass.

Ubisoft’s season pass formula for Rainbow Six Siege and now For Honor is probably the best balance we’re going to see for a while. I’d prefer a system like Overwatch – free heroes/maps with cosmetic microtransactions. But this isn’t terrible. The important thing is, the community isn’t fractured. And for a unique game trying to find a new audience, that’s all that matters.

My concern with For Honor is the same for many new games with a heavy multiplayer focus – the player base. Mainly, will it have one? Ubisoft is opting to hold one more closed beta test before the game’s release. Sign up for a chance to play January 26-29.

I’m surprised Ubisoft isn’t going with an open beta here. For Honor is an unknown. Going with an open beta would give everyone a chance to play it. Sure, some might not like. But many more might. Dropping $60 on a new franchise without playing it is going to be a tough sell for many. Especially with games like Ghost Recon, Mass Effect and the Nintendo Switch coming soon after.

I’m crossing my fingers Ubisoft can deliver with For Honor. We need more unique franchises, not more of the same.

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