Last year saw the viral video, ‘Instagram Husbands’ light up the internet. Behind every model you secretly follow on Instagram lies a husband or boyfriend. And a brick wall.

In a deft marketing move, Fossil tapped the creators of the viral smash (The Mystery Hour) to market the Fossil Q Hybrid smartwatches – which can be used as a shutter release for smartphones. Fossil’s CCO Jill Elliott talked to Adweek about generating positive buzz for the line.

“While brainstorming ways to get audiences excited about our new Fossil Q Hybrid smartwatches (which feature an unexpected selfie button) we couldn’t help but immediately think about the hilariously clever ‘Instagram Husband’ parody videos.”

My favorite is when Jeff talks about reconnecting with his wife by learning her middle name and hometown after being married ten years. And the other poor bastard gets to eat again. They can be just husbands now.

Fossil Q Hybrid Smartwatch

It not only saves sanity, but the Q hybrid also stays in its lane of a traditional watch look with some technology baked in. It won’t remind you to take a breath, but alert you to the incessant text messages? Done.

Fossil Q Hybrid smartwatch

Fossil isn’t as passive aggressive as other smartwatches, but it handles your activity and tracks sleep. Other features include controlling music and of course, snapping the ‘you woke up like that’ selfie.

Not the ‘you sleep with blackout curtains and completely covered up in blankets’ selfie. Don’t judge me. There’s not a smartphone out there that can handle low light to that extreme.

The Q Hybrid line starts at $175 and hits $235. Decent price for those not wanting to strap a mini iPhone to their wrist. Head over to Fossil to learn more.

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