Yeah, we know we are obsessed when we are always looking for the next ‘wow’ camera technology. What will photography look like in the future? COOPH lays out ten predictions – some that’ll happen within a matter of months. Others, I’d like to see for the laughs.

Stronger sensors. Well, of course. The Megapixel wars will return with storage pricing coming down. Already, the Nikon D850 is pushing 45MP. And we all know Sony. If they aren’t pushing an upgrade, they ain’t happy. Who knows what will be in the a7rIII or maybe the a9r? It won’t be long, and we will be talking cameras that shoot in the 100s of megapixels.

Smaller Cameras. My personal view is they might get slightly smaller, but there comes the point where a tiny camera body isn’t going to support the giant lens attached to it. Though the credit card translucent camera Dr. Hajimiri has proposed does look pretty badass. Serious science fiction stuff today, though.

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More Photojournalism. That’s already here though smart of COOPH to mention it. We have a prime example with the rise of amateur photojournalism saving lives. In 2005, social media was just getting started when Hurricane Katrina made landfall in Louisiana and Mississippi. We had to wait for news choppers to show the extent of the damage.

Hurricane Harvey has been tracked via amateur photojournalism throughout its destructive path and has definitely saved lives during the flooding.

Closer Integration. Here’s one I want to happen just for the laughs. Samsung has patented a contact lens that would allow a person to capture exactly what they see. Can you imagine the lifestyle bloggers? That’s worth it alone.

Intelligent Cameras. Think Skynet for cameras. It sounds interesting in theory, and there are attachments being made to help grab the best shot, but link brain waves with a shutter release? Let’s get legit space ships first.

Alternative Energy. Duck and cover mirrorless fans. The video offers up the idea of new power sources but look at the Sony a9. It doubled the battery life. Companies like Sony, Nikon, Fuji and Canon will only get better in the department.

New Formats. Hate Instagram now? Wait until the future. Kidding. It dives into the possibility of using augmented reality to display your photos. Don’t scoff at the notion. Apple is all in on Augmented Reality

Don’t toss your gear. It’s a fun video filled with what ifs. Some are easy like stronger sensors. That’s a given especially considering smartphones are making serious progress.

What do you think? Sound off below on what the future of photography looks like to you.

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